07: Mark Teschner | Casting Director: "General Hospital"

Mark Teschner is the casting director of “General Hospital”, which is a show running for 52 years already. Before that, he lived in New York and worked on Broadway Sets and did lots of other things around the business of an actor. In today’s episode we talk with Mark Teschner about what it is like being a successful casting director and what role actors play into it.
He talks about how actors can practice and train their acting to keep it up, even with a small budget for acting classes or headshot.
Also he gives advice how to network properly to achieve in the long term and what impact filmmakers have on this world.

This time at The GHA:
 Being a casting director
 Branding and marketing for actors
 Practice and create projects as an actor
 Networking properly
 Role of filmmakers in this world


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