Public Speaking & Events

The Team at LA REELS is passionate about sharing our expertise with motivational presentations and speaking engagements. As a young company that started with just a humble idea and a creative team, we’ve learned what it takes to build a flourishing career and brand in a fiercely competitive industry. We also know that we didn’t make it here alone. We’ve gained powerful momentum through all the relationships we’ve cultivated through our journey and are excited to be able to share the knowledge we’ve learned with the community through public speaking and motivational courses.

Brett and Noah make a fun team loaded with practical real life anecdotes. Together, they can visit your event or organization to share insight into leading a life and career filled with passion and creativity. With their background in running a small business in the film industry, they can focus their presentation for schools, actors, filmmakers, aspiring entrepreneurs & youth. Their story is inspiring, compelling, and sure to provide your organization with a valuable perspective.



How to Turn Your Creativity into a Career

  • Practical tips to building a portfolio and body of work
  • How to get your first paid customer
  • Building systems that save you time and allow you to focus on your creativity
  • When to collaborate and expand your team
  • How to manage your time between your passion, hobbies and existing obligations

How to Continuously Build Relationships and Grow Your Network

  • Creating genuine relationships that last for the long haul
  • Practical tools to be someone who provides value to their network
  • How to keep yourself from getting lost in the shuffle
  • Consistency and omnipresence - Staying on the radar naturally
  • Strategies for improving your circle of friends

The Secrets to Bulletproof Storytelling

  • What makes a good story?
  • The Spine of the Story - 3 Core Sentences
  • 7 Bulletproof Questions to Breakdown any Script Idea
  • Best Practices to Keep Audience Engaged
  • Storytelling in Daily Life - How to pull it off like a Pro

How to Build a Successful Business Foundation for a Career in Film / Acting

  • Beyond Training - Developing your craft in the field
  • Selling Your Craft & Creating Genuine Relationships
  • Why learning from other people’s experience is important
  • Dealing with competition, over-saturation, lack of visibility & how to overcome adversity
  • The 5 tools to developing a winning personal brand
  • How to build a runway for success that will carry you to the finish line

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