Demo Reel Production Packages

Basic Package3.png

PREMIUM PACKAGE: 2 Scene Highlight Reel


45-90 second SCENE or monologue

  • Choose your Script / Write An Original Script!

  • Choose your Location

  • Choose your Date

  • Cast your Scene Partner

  • 45-60 Minutes/Scene Shoot Time

  • High Definition Picture & Sound

  • Full Editing Services: Logging, Sound Sync, Editing

  • Mastering: Color Correction, Audio & Dialogue Cleaning, Music Arrangement

  • All Final Scenes are delivered digitally in High Definition (HD) & Standard Definition (SD)


Demo Reel Scenes!

The Entire Process to Producing Your Demo Reel!

Drop us a line and let us know you're interested in chatting about your scenes and we'll set up an appointment and discuss what package is right for you.

Step 1: The consultation

This is where the creative juices get flowing and we start envisioning your scene(s) together.  We'll talk about the character and genre you see yourself playing and we'll also look at the calendar and decide a shoot date that is right for you.


Choose from hundreds of Scenes and Monologues written in the LA REELS SCRIPT BOOK or have our team do original script writing for you. It’s important you connect with the scripts and resonate with them.  Then use our LOCATION GUIDE to select locations or provide your own.  Finally choose your shoot date.  You know best how much time you need to prepare.  Shoot tomorrow or shoot in a week, it's up to you.

Step 3: Pre-Production & Location Selection

Once the final scripts are approved, LA REELS goes into a pre-production flurry!  Your shoot will be meticulously organized as we break down the scene, location, schedules, casting, props, wardrobe ideas and send out a CALL SHEET 24-48 hours before your shoot with all the specifics and meeting location(s).

Step 4: The Shoot

The Crew and your Scene Partner(s) will arrive at their given call times on location (Scene dependent).  You should always arrive Hair & Makeup ready.  Shooting usually lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.  Be sure to consider travel time to the shoot location.  (We do provide a makeup artist referral list if requested)

Step 5: The ChOOSING

As soon as we’re done filming you, we start the Post-Production process! Within one 1-3 business days, we will have a "Scene Sync" ready for you to look at and choose your performance takes. The Scene Sync is all your takes before color correction, cleaned sound and music.  You will use the TIMECODE to make your selections and CONFIRM your takes.


After you CONFIRM your decisions on your favorite takes, we'll perform the editing, and move right into the Mastering phase. Including:  The music composition, sound/dialogue cleaning and color correction. This is where your scenes pick up that ultra professional polish you can't get from your neighborhood videographer.


The Final Scenes will now be delivered digitally for download via  All Movie files will be delivered in High Definition (HD) & Standard Definition (SD).  If you produced 2 scenes or more you will also receive a HIGHLIGHT REEL in HD & SD.