“LA Reels gave me support from day one. They offer not only great demo reels, but their workshops gave me the confidence and direction to pursue acting. Their support, direction, and guidance has been outstanding. Also the time and effort put into the production process of my demo reel was second to none. They walk you through every step which gives you confidence in what they’re doing.”
— Mark Richards
“Wonderful! LA Reels is the best! Great people to work with and they do AMAZING work! They even included my dog! Great working with people that didn’t care about disabilities.”
— Stephani Kamari
“What this company offers for the acting community is so precious and generous. From collaborative high- quality reel footage to free on- camera classes, these guys have a lot to offer, and I’m grateful to have come in contact with them.”
— Eric Henry
“LA Reels is awesome! Noah and Brett are so attentive, personable, and vastly talented. They and the rest of the team are 100% committed to creating the best project possible for you. They are my go to one stop shop for production and always provide an awesome product. Love ‘em!”
— Katherine Wray
“Whenever I have a project that I want made quick and professionally I use LA Reels. Brett and Noah are awesome, creative, collaborative powerhouses.
— Jason Gregory London
LAREELS is the most professional, creative, generous gang of great people I’ve ever worked with in this field. They use their skills to go all out for you and make you look better than you ever thought possible. This is a young company that is going far..and I want to go with them..
— Lois W.
“LA Reels are awesome. super talented, creative, and just great people. when they were doing my reel they took care of everything; locations, scripts, actors all i had to do was act! Brett and Noah are always very inspiring to be around. highly recommend them to all actors! :) “
— Ksenia Valenti
If you are looking for an A-1 acting demo Reel, then you need to go with these guys. They are professional and really talented. Get with them and tell thel what “type” and what genre you want to go out for more and they will write it up for you and shoot. The rest is up to you. LA REELS is AWESOME
— J.A.
Absolutely AMAZING!!! I live in Texas and it was definitely worth the trip. Best quality demo reel I’ve ever done. They cast professional actors for my scene partners. WOW!!! Amanda Glassman has a true talent for writing scripts. Director Noah Edwards is amazing to work with. It was great having Clint Riffo filming and Tada Yoshida working sound. Their efforts made my demo so professional. I also got to film a scene with the very talented Brett Newton. These guys are the BEST at what they do and I had so much fun working with them. They will always be my “go to” people for amazing demo reels.
— Stacy H.
Hands down THEE BEST reel company in LA, I have had great experiences with these guys and would recommend them to every serious actor who is looking to add new footage to their reel. The first time I worked with LA Reels it was for someone else’s footage but I got a copy too and put it in my reel..it quickly became the most popular clip in my entire reel! I had no other choice but to come back to them & film another scene. During the whole process Noah was really great , updating me on things and making sure I was completely involved in the process. I will never forget what a great experience I had with them and will always be a huge LA Reels fan.
— Ryan J.
Well Ladies and Gentleman I have worked with LA REELS as a returning client for about 3 reel scenes and a Short film...I will say this about the company. GREAT PEOPLE AND WORK that help and showcase you. The scenes of which were just normal scenes that were written for me by them were like a short story you would see in a fully produced independent feature film at any major film festival and then my very first SHORT FILM called “Love and Promotions”...Noah Edwards as a director has the vision he wants to execute when he is planning the shoot with his creative team and helps guide the actor in a short amount of time.

Brett Newton and Clint Riffo and Tada Yoshida round out the team along with Amanda Glassman and they get the job done as the core group at LA REELS.

Great look for a great price and These folks are in my opinion bringing their A-game to each new task. I look forward to them someday making there feature film and seeing what pops off the screen. They have the talent and the knowledge to make you feel great about your product.

— Macleish D.
Super cool guys. Professional. Fun. Easy to work with. My best experience yet.
— John S.
Any actor would be a fool to not get footage from LA REELS. I’m so happy with the whole experience.
— Allison C.
Recently needed a demo reel for my son. These guys are really nice and very professional. Communication was great. Worked with Brett. He made suggestions and delivered on everything. The price was right as well. Our agent really liked the demo reel too. Hopefully, it will help his career. I will continue to work with them as my son’s acting career grows. Thank you Brett!!
— K.W.
As a newbie in LA, Noah, Brett and the gang created an excellent reel for me and as important, they are genuine, impassioned artists who truly care about the art they create for their clients.

For a very reasonable price, they do EVERYTHING, from conception to final cut reel. Their writer works with you to create three one minute films based on what you want to present and will go through drafts until it’s to your liking. Then you film all three scenes, for me in one day, then within about seven days you have a reel with soundtrack as well as IMDB credits for the films.

I love a pleasant working environment and they’re good vibes as well. I enjoyed myself and recommend them highly.
— Lee B.
Need to get a demo reel done? Look no further than LA Reels. I decided to go with them because when checking out and comparing their samples to all the other companies that came up in a Google search, I liked the quality of theirs the best and the price was very reasonable and even better than most others. It was the most bang for the buck. I worked with Noah, Clint, and Tada, and they were wonderful on set... extremely professional, accommodating, and supportive. Noah gave helpful direction which turned out to be very useful. Noah worked with me in getting the footage done exactly the way I wanted it. He went out of his way to make sure I was happy with my final product. I would go to these guys again in a heart beat.
— Vladimir N.
I filmed my audition tape for GRIMM with LA REELS. I’m working on my 13th episode and am penciled in for two more... fingers crossed!
— Damien Puckler
So glad I chose LA REELS to do my reel. I knew it was the right choice. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for everything.
— Danny A.
THANK YOU!  You guys really knocked it out of the park man!  Just got home and watched the scenes and I can’t express how happy and pleased I am with the final result! 
— Johnny B.
These people are genius. If I could give them 6 stars I would... I had so much fun, I want to do it again! I’ve told all my actor friends about this and some have already scheduled their own reel scenes. I’d recommend LA Reels to anyone who needs high quality specific footage they aren’t getting from shooting or just want to start their reel off the right way!
— Jamie S.
Noah and his team rule. I was super impressed with the multiple shoots we did during the day. This, this is the perfect way to get yourself on tape— in a good way. I had done a few small features before I met with Noah, and I never got the footage that I felt represented me due to the fact of bad lighting, sound, or just plain awful scripts. Do it your way. Have Noah and his crew do it with you. . Thanks LA REELS.
— Nicholas M.
Noah & Crew,
I can never thank you enough on the beautiful job you did on my reel! I feel so lucky to have been able to work with you guys! Thanks again. xoxo
— Ciarra S.
Noah Edward does a great job with these reels: writes scenes for actor clients or uses their own. Top quality and reasonably priced.
— Randal Kleiser - Director, "Grease", "The Blue Lagoon", "Flight of the Navigator"
Working with Noah Edward was a great joy. His total immersion in the project he is creating and his sensitive, insightful editing display his unique gift.
— Richard Sherman - Songwriter - "Mary Poppins", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "It's a Small World"
This is perfect! I truly can not thank you guys enough. People are going nuts over my scenes : )
— Ryan L.
I have worked with many directors, but none have made me more comfortable with the process than Noah Edward. You can see that he has a direction in mind for the final output of the film and brings that vision to every aspect of the project. We are now embarking on our third project with Noah and his team. He is our go-to-guy for any filming/ editing/ directing projects.
— Milt Larsen - Founder of The Magic Castle, Hollywood
Completely impressed by Noah and his team... Wow. Noah is a great director, and knows how to film people. Run, don’t walk to book your session.
— Dale Hindman
Noah and his crew are young, smart, and extremely professional - it doesn’t feel like you are shooting a scene for a reel. It seems like you are shooting a movie!
— Nidhi G.
This was a new experience for me. Im a trained stage actor who has just caught the film bug. Noah made me feel so comfortable acting for the camera for the very first time. With his direction and talented crew we walked away with some pretty good work. I am positive that this demo reel will get me work in television and it couldnt have been done any better. Profeesional, talented, and just a great guy. Thats Noah! I will definitely go to him for any other project i need done. Thanks Noah! Thanks to the whole team. You guys rock!
— Clifford B.