36: Lisa London | Casting Director and Author of From Start to Stardom

On this episode of The Great Hollywood Adventure, power house casting director, Lisa London, talks about the casting process and shares some of the hugely important tips for actors contained in her new book FROM STAGE TO STARDOM. Her book is essential reading for every actor on how to survive in the business of acting. From networking to preparing for an audition, to making strong choices when you are reading for a part and what casting agents are looking for.

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32: Tehmina Sunny | Marketing Executive Turned Actress

Today on the Great Hollywood Adventure we will be talking to Tehmina Sunny. Tehmina was born in London and from a very early age she put her artistic dreams aside. She went to college and got a job as a marketing executive, but one day she met an agent and decided to give acting a try. 

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31: SEASON 1 FINALE: Darren Darnborough | We Rehearse

Today on The Great Hollywood Adventure we will be talking to Darren Darnborough. Darren is an actor, director, film maker and entrepreneur from England. He’s been part of shows like 2 Broke Girls, True Blood, and the Darkness Descending. Today we will be talking about how he became an actor, his business (we rehearse). We will also be going over some great advice for people in the entertainment industry that need to be their own entrepreneur

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30: John Levey and Melanie Burgess | Casting Directors

Today on the Great Hollywood Adventure we will be talking to John Levey and Melanie Burgess. John and Melanie are casting directors of shows like Southland, ER, and Shameless. Today on the Great Hollywood Adventure we will be talking about how John got involved in casting, how John and Melanie started working together, authenticity of representation, connecting with roles, and professionalism in the audition room.

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26: Jeff Kleiser | Synthespian Studios | VFX Supervisor

Jeff Kleiser is a visual effects supervisor and CEO of Synthespian Studios. He has worked on movies like Tron, X-Men, and Fantastic 4. Today we talk about how he got involved In film and The Visual Effects Society. We also talk about networking, branding, training, and what its like for actors to work with green screens.

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23: Shane Fazen | Fight Tips | My Fight Gym

Shane Fazen is a Tae Kwon Do black belt, international Muay Thai pro fighter, amateur boxer, personal striking coach and a fitness instructor. He was born and raised in Philadelphia. Before Shane dedicated himself full time to creating youtube videos he was a bartender and a personal trainer. Today shane joins us and talks about running his youtube page( Fight tips), teaching people self defense, and his fighting experiences.

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22: KC Wayland, Grayson Stone | We're Alive Podcast

KC Wayland and Grayson Stone are the team behind the "We’re Alive" podcast, a zombie apocalypse drama set in Los Angeles with several seasons and over 36 million downloads. KC started "We're Alive" back in 2009 and has grown the show to cult status. Grayson joined KC's team as an intern and is now a producer on the show.

21: Allen Barton | Beverly Hills Playhouse CEO

Allen Barton Allen was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, grew up in nearby Lexington, and returned to Cambridge to attend and graduate from Harvard University, where he majored in Russian & Soviet Studies. After he finished at Harvard he moved out to LA. Today Allen Barton joins us and talks about being an actor, play write, director, classical pianist, and being CEO of the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

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19: Scott Sedita | Scott Sedita Acting Studio

Scott is an acting coach and motivational speaker. He is also the author of the bestselling books,  “The Eight Characters of Comedy, A Guide to Sitcom Acting and Writing” and “Scott Sedita’s Guide To Making It In Hollywood. 3 Steps to Success. 3 Steps to Failure."

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