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A comedic, action film inspired by Quentin Taratino & Guy Richie, that follows multiple storylines in a scramble to the end.  Frank rushes to pay off a debt to free Quinn from Dom Fertelli's whore house. Harry and V are on a killing rampage for revenge, meanwhile the Asian Gang & Fertilli Thugs are at odds.  With an ensemble cast this movie starts and never stops moving, something for the whole family (Not Really).  This picture falls into an 'R' Rated Film.

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Starring Damien Puckler (NBC Grimm), Irina Voronina (Playboy Playmate), Courtney Gaines (Back 2 the Future), Brett Newton (NETFLIX Glow, ABC General Hospital), Mickey Gooch Jr. (How to be Single), Germaine De Leon (Dexter), Marisa Von Bleickon (The Glee Project),  Jenna Willis (American Crime Story: OJ)

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