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The Free Casting Director Book!

Get all 4 Newton's Inside Casting Informational Chapters FREE with 3 Casting Professionals in Los Angeles and a high level Agent.  These guides are meant to be fun, informational and give direct insight from the Professionals we Actors want to be seen by! Over 60+ pages!

Chapter 1: Fern Champion
Is well known for casting "The Mask" with Jim Carey and credited with giving actress Cameron Diaz her first role that lead to creating a very successful career!  Oh yeah, she also cast another actor in one of his first main roles as well, named Mickey Rourke.  Check out Chapter 1 to learn some other great insight into this amazing L.A. Casting Professional.

Chapter 2: Manny Fernandez
Is well known for working with the casting company Slater/Brooksbank!  And yes there is a relation to Christian Slater, that is actually why Mary Jo Slater (of Slater/Brooksbank Casting) went into casting.  To help her son create his career!   Some of shows he helped to create and cast for include Perception, Eureka, Commander and Chief and much more. Check out Chapter 2 to learn some of Manny's Pet Peeves and more from an L.A. Casting Professional.

Chapter 3: Sunday Boling
Began her casting career at 20th Century Fox in the Feature Film Department.  That is where she met her partner in crime Meg Morman. Eventually they created one of the most successful indie film casting companies in Los Angeles. Sunday is credited as a Casting Director on over 125 projects!

Chapter 4: Tracy Mapes
“A great client is someone who is working each and every day to perfect their craft. I mean actively pursuing all opportunities..." Tracy's career includes working with clients Lou FerrignoKatey Sagal and Michael Jackson!