Commercial Videos

LA REELS doesn't just make reels for actors, we also specialize in making your company or service stand out from the competition with our full service commercial videos. From conceptualization to production and execution, LA REELS is fully capable to deliver top quality commercial videos that will be sure to make a lasting impression. Browse our packages below and check out some of our samples to discover what package is right for your brand.

Commercial Video Production Plans


The "BLITZ" Package

When you only have a moment, make it count with the LA REELS "BLITZ" Package. These powerful commercial videos are tailored to make a memorable impact with the modern attention span. Our Blitz reels have a running time of under 10 seconds and are perfectly suited for strategic online marketing.

"30 Second" package

Our 30 Second video package is the classic commercial. With unlimited options, we can work with you to create a stunning visual and share your message clearly and efficiently with your viewers. Whether you would like a narrative driven story or a spokesperson with a clear pitch, we've got you covered.

The "Promo" Package


Have a great idea that you need to tell the world about? LA REELS is ready to make your concept get the attention it deserves with our promotional video package. Everything from crowd-funding campaign videos to informational clips, we are here to tell your story.


  •  Development, Writing, & Pre-Production
  • Production Management
  • Production
  • Full Crew and Lighting
  • Director
  • Filmed on Canon 6D cameras
  • Professional Audio Recording & Operator
  • Filming will take place over 1 day
  • Post-Production
  • Editing
  • Light Graphics and Titles
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mastering
  • Original Sound Composition
  • Foley Sound Mixing
  • HD and Web-Friendly versions
  • Special F/X and other variables may require additional editing time.

**Special Pricing Add-ons**

Special F/X and Heavy Graphics
Action Sequences
Green Screen Sequences
Additional Length
Special Locations