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Brett Newton - LA REELS | Filmmaker | Editor

BRETT NEWTON started his journey in the Arts when he was 8 years old at Centenary Stage Company community theatre in NJ. He grew up doing musical theatre & tap dancing his heart out. At the age of 11 he was diagnosed with Leukemia, & with the support of his family turned that situation into a great experience. Over the next 5 years of his life he was able to work directly with the Paul Newman & The Hole In the Wall Gang Camp and help raise over $1 million. He Acted and tapped danced on stage with Chita Rivera, Nathan Lane, Julia Roberts and even gave a forgetful Paul Newman his line once.

Brett is now a professional Filmmaker & Actor who understands both sides of the camera. He is the manager & owner of the Los Angeles based production company LA REELS and the Atlanta based company Newton Entertainment Inc.

With over 15 years of TV & Film experience Brett’s body of work continues to grow, from Directing The Members, his first televised multi-cam political drama, producing worldwide 3D Animated shorts, & launching the sexy, action feature film Scramble! Brett has produced & directed over 3000 original demo reel scenes and award winning shorts.

His portfolio includes producing 50+ hours of original narrative content as well as multiple VR 360 Video Series and Commercials! Because Brett is also an ACTOR he understands how an Actor’s mind works! He understands an Actor’s needs and wants, as well as getting them to empower themselves to show their true essence on screen.

Actors that have worked with Brett & LA REELS have gone on to booking shows like “The Big Bang Theory”, “Barry”, “Silicon Valley”, “Big Little Lies”, “13 Reason’s Why”, “Grimm”, and even the upcoming “Avatar 2” and many TV and Feature projects!

Some of Brett’s proudest Acting credits include: General Hospital, Netflix’s Glow, an Esurance Super Bowl Commercial, Baby-John in West Side Story, to Harpo Marx, and even pouring milk on his head in his first National NOKIA Commercial!

Brett’s Career has also included working with: Comedy Central, Netflix, ABC, FUEL TV, History, Discovery, Court TV, EA Games, MTV, Asylum, Wannadoo, Direct TV, Saatchi Saatchi, Comcast, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, Monster, PriceChopper, Toyota, Monster VR, The Magic Castle, National Jewish Health, eforb & more.

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