Actor Press Sheet
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Actor 1 sheet

Complete the form below and submit your inquiry. Once you are ready to have your original ACTOR 1 SHEET created send in your assets to the email provided press "ADD TO CART" and fill in the form.  The ACTOR 1 SHEET process building will start immediately.  The ACTOR 1 SHEET will be sent to you within 3-5 work days.  You will be able to give 1 full round of notes on your ACTOR 1 SHEET for adjustments and fine tuning.  If you request an entirely new ACTOR 1 SHEET you will be charged for an additional design.

The ACTOR 1 SHEET 1 Design = $120

Be sure to be as specific as possible in the Form inquiry before you submit.  We will build an original ACTOR 1 SHEET from the information you have provided.  Please email all assets (photos, logos, resumes, etc) in highest resolution possible to