Do I need to bring anything with me?

Bring ideas of characters & genres you want to play.  Draw from movies, plays, TV Shows you want to be in or any other type of inspiration.  You can even prepare Youtube links of clips and share them with us.  We welcome your ideas and the more you bring to the meeting the more we can play, collaborate and explore in creating your demo scenes.


No, the consultation is free. You are welcome to come to meet us even if you are not sure about making your reel yet and just have questions. Consultations are typically between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What happens in a consultation?

You will sit down with either Brett and/or Noah and discuss all the possibilities.  This is a great time for all of us to get to know each other and know what our goals are.  We will brainstorm your scenes, characters and more and we can even look at available dates for your shoot.  Feel free to come in with any questions, nothing it out of reach for us.

Do you only offer the three packages listed?

We have unlimited possibilities.  The 3 packages shown are our most popular, we are more than open to mix and max packages and create custom productions that cater to your needs.

How soon do we get started?

We can start as soon as you are ready to go and we have availability in our schedule.  We are more than happy to start writing on the same day of your consultation.  

When do I get the schedule to start shooting?

We usually set the shoot date the day of the consultation. We will send you a Call Sheet 24-48 hours before the day of the shoot for the actual shoot day.

If I have an emergency on our shoot date, can I reschedule?

Yes, although a last minute or multiple rescheduling may incur a charge.

How early can we start shooting?

As soon as the possible pending calendar availability.


What should I bring to the shoot?

Yourself and a great attitude is most important.  We want you to be well rested, as prepared as possible with your dialogue (Know your Material!).  You will be responsible for your wardrobe and speciality props.  If you have any trouble with anything we are more than happy to help and provide whatever we have available.

Do you provide rehearsal practices before the shoot?

We offer an On-Camera Workshop that meets every other Monday at our office.  We offer one complimentary pass to attend before your shoot, after your shoot if you’d like to continue to join us it’s $15/class.

Am I able to rehearse my scenes with my scene partner?

We will share your scene partners contact info so you may contact them before the shoot.  It is your responsibility to set up a pre-shoot meeting if you’d like to rehearse together.  There is also a small amount of time of the day of the shoot for you to run lines while we are setting up equipment and lighting.

What kind of cameras are used for the shoots?

We have two sets up cameras.  Panasoic GH4’s and Cannon 6D’s.  All scenes are shot at 1080p (HD Resolution).  If you’d like to shoot at 4K resolution (Ultra HD) that will be subject to an additional cost.  Ultimate Scenes are shot with two cameras in a multi-cam setup. Basic Scenes are shot with a 1 camera tripod setup.  

Do you provide a make artist?

We have multiple MUA’s (Make Up Artists) that we can suggest and have a proven track record with LA REELS.  Their pricing is an additional fee and they need to be paid separately from your LA REELS Package.

How much is a makeup artist you refer?

Pricing is as follows: $50/look for Makeup and $10/look for hair.  Therefore a 3 Scene package with both hair and makeup would be $180.

How long are shoots?

2 hours per scene for Ultimate Package Shoots and 1 hour per scene for Basic Shoots.  A full day with a 3 Scene Ultimate Package would be 6-8 hours with travel/makeup time and 3-4 hours for a 3 Scene Basic Package.  We shoot all scenes in the same day.  If you want to break up shoot days there will be an additional fee.

Are props provided?

Basic props needed in the context of the scene may be provided.  Specialty props are not provided. Be sure to ask us as we have many props like prop weapons, lab coats, and more available.

Is wardrobe provided?

No, the Actor’s will receive suggestions, but then should provide their own wardrobe on the day of the shoot.  Standard tips: No Logos, No Heavy Patterns, No Stripes.

Do you cast my scene partners?

Yes, we have a professional database of Actor’s who are reliable, talented and very happy to be a part of our production. If something unique is required we also cast actors through LA Casting. Actors will receive copy and credit.

Can I bring in my own actors?

Yes, their Name, Role, Email and Phone will need to be provided to LA REELS along with their IMDb Profile name.  They are also required to be available the entire shoot day for scheduling purposes, although they will only be needed for 2 hours.

Can we Schedule the shoot for multiple days?

You may, though additional days incur additional charges for crew labor.


When is payment required?

Scene development and brainstorming is all done in the consultation.  Once you are ready to move ahead a 20% deposit is taken by LA REELS.  Once the deposit is received writing and Pre-Production (Casting, Locations, Etc.) will start immediately.  The remaining balance is due on the day of the shoot.

How can I make payment?

Cash, Check, Credit Card or Paypal Invoice (CC and Paypal are subject to a 3% additional fee).


What is the total turnaround time?


7-10 days from deposit. (We suggest Actors have the scripts for at least a week to hone and prepare before the shoot date.)

Post Production:

Assembly Cut will be 5-7 days after the shoot.

Revision Cut will be 2-3 days after client notes are delivered.

Locked Cut will be mastered with color,  final audio/music 4-5 days after Client approval.

TOTAL: 10-14 days from shoot date

How will I receive my final Demo Reel?

A digital copy, in both SD and HD formats, will be delivered via email through wetransfer.com.  There will be a link provided with a two week expiration timeframe for download. *If it expires we can resend a new link.  We also do not provide DVD copies.


Can I provide my own scripts?

Yes, but they must be in screenplay format and fit the guidelines for the LA REELS scene packages being produced. We budget our labor according to script length, and longer scripts require more labor.

Ultimate Package:
1 Page screenplay format. We allow an extra 1/3 page to wrap up any loose ends for the creative process, but feel that 1 and 1/3 of a page is plenty. Longer scripts are subject to an additional charge, or fall under a short film category.

Basic Package:
1/3 page screenplay formatted monologue. This translates to roughly 30 seconds of on screen time.

Can I help in the script process?

Yes, you and our writer will be in communication throughout the entire writing process.  You will have custom tailored scripts made just for you.

Do Special FX scenes cost more?

Sound, music composition and visual effects are included to a very limited degree in your package. If you're looking for something more, then yes, we would have to charge. One or two muzzle flashes would be complimentary, but a big explosion or demonic powers would be an additional charge. We can discuss this on a case by case scenario.

Are the scripts you provide for me mine to keep?

Scripts may be used by you for promotion, training, auditioning and showcasing yourself, but can not be sold or used to generate money.  The characters and ideas are owned by LA REELS and Metal Virgin LLC.


How long is post production on my Reel?

10-14 DAYS

If my Reel requires ADR, do we do that in post?

In the rare case ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) is needed we will bring you in free of charge to complete that process.

What should I expect at the end of the process?  

You will receive a digital video file of each scene in SD and HD formats as well as a Highlight Compilation of choices material from each scene.

How will I be credited?

Ultimate Demo Reel Scenes* can be registered on IMDB** though any of our ‘LA REELS Series’.  Your demo reel scenes will be credited as individual episodes and you will receive a character credit for each scene. 
*Basic Demo Reel scenes do not receive IMDB credit.
**You do not need a pre-existing IMDB account, we can create that for you.


How long is the internship program?

Our standard internship is a 10 week program. Some of our interns request to stay longer or shorter, but we prefer to have a 4 week minimum commitment.

Will I learn all aspects of production?

Our company is a full service production company.  Interns are involved in every aspect of the journey from Development, Casting, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, Sales, marketing, graphic design and more.  We offer training in cameras, lenses, lighting, editing, After Effects, Photoshop and more.  Every intern can choose where they want to focus and expand their desire to learn, while becoming a valuable part of the LA REELS team and family.

Am I set to a work schedule?

Yes, with great communication we can create a suitable work schedule for both you and LA REELS. Interns typically come in 2-3 scheduled days/week.

What does the program mostly consist of?

On set production (We are typically filming 4-7 days/week- If we are shooting on a day that you are scheduled then you are welcome to join the set), logging, basic editing, specialty tasks, standing in on scenes, Basic Scene Partners, and much more.

Do I need a laptop?

A laptop is recommended but not mandatory.  We have computers to work on here and when we’re in the field you will be using LA REELS gear.

Who is the intern program good for?

Actors, Filmmakers, Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in seeing the inter-workings of a successful production company.


Do you offer same day audition tapings?

LA REELS offers same day or next day audition tapings depending on availability.  Audition tapings last 45mins-1hour in time and are shot in HD 1080p resolution with professional sound recording.  Delivery of auditions tapes will be same day via digital online delivery format.   


adding EXISTING FOOTAGE to a reel:

Do you charge extra if I use footage I already filmed for my reel?

We do have a separate rate for editing existing footage, but if we are simply adding the scenes from your LA REELS shoot to your existing reel footage we are happy to do this no charge, as long as it is 1-2 short scenes that don't require any editing.